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NEMA 14-50 circuit breaker

I'm planning to install a new circuit to support a NEMA 14-50 outlet, but I'm not clear on what circuit breaker to use. I have a GE panel that uses half-size circuit breakers, (GE Q-Line). I want the circuit to handle 50 amps at 240v. I plan to use a 2-pole breaker, but I'm confused about the amp rating. This is what the breaker looks like on the Lowes website. It's two 25 amp breakers tied together. It says it supports 50 amps, but I'm suspicious. It might be 50 amps if it were two 120v circuits, but only 25 amps at 240v. I'm confused.


  • I think that one is a dual 120 V circuit breaker, as the back looks like it only connects to one bus bar. You need the one that is twice as wide.
  • If you're unsure as to what circuit breaker to use, do you really want to be running a 240 v 50 a circuit? Sounds like a good way to kill or injure yourself, or set yourself up for a fire.
  • You need to confirm whether your panel takes the THQL OR THQP breaker. You posted a THQP type and spaceghost a THQL. The inside of your panel should tell you which to use - or confirm against an existing breaker (which you may have to pull in order to find the model).
    If still unsure - hire an electrician! And if you are in the US, I believe you need a GFCI circuit if this in a garage (don’t quote me on that - I’m Canadian and we don’t need GFCI in garages but I recall reading they are required in the US)
  • GFCI is required for new construction per the UBC in the US.

    A proper 50A 240V breaker is pricey, and prone to failure as are all GFCI, but I got one and consider it worth it.

    For more info, see the excellent charging guide on the Tesla Tap page. You don't need an electrician to do it right...
  • I thought GFCI outlets were only required when within a given distance from a water source, like a sink or shower?
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