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Battery Icon back to Green !!

Anyone noticed battery icon turned back to green from gray ?


  • Praise the Lord!
  • Mine was still gray. If yours is green I wonder if gray has something to do with battery temp? Maybe Tesla didn’t change it to gray. Maybe gray indicates something???
  • Mine changed with the latest update. Also the P R N D letters are bigger.
  • Tesla2018, what Tesla software version are you on?
  • My still gray and became green only during charging.
  • Yes which version of software do you have, I have 2020.48.35.5 and it's still grey. :(
  • As noted in a previous post , on the Model 3 and, I presume, the Model y it is still grey when driving but green when charging. The Model S and ,I presume, the Model X it is green all the time. That is on software 2020.48.35.5. Go figure.
  • (me and the battery icon)
  • If this wasn't Tesla, the green battery icon would only come in the Performance package :-)
  • The latest version listed on TeslaFi is 2020.48.35.5, and the battery is still gray in that one (for Model 3).
  • I'm on 48.35.5. 2018 build model 3 long range range with enhanced autopilot without FSD.

    Someone mentioned the gear letters were a little larger but I only noticed that the letter that appears right when it's selected seem bigger.

    I had gotten the no green energy bar/ smaller icon around the middle of January instead of at Christmas and then got another update a few days later so I didn't have the first update for too long.
  • Not mine. Latest SW. battery still gray, gear icons same size and shade.
  • > @Slonkis said:
    > "If this wasn't Tesla, the green battery icon would only come in the Performance package :-)"

    I think you have to buy the Full Self Driving in order to get the green battery icon.
  • Green bars matter
  • Got a 2018 M3 LR RWD with the FSD upgrade and the latest release. It's still grey.
  • I have fsd, still gray
  • I think it was a joke about FSD + green icon :)
  • Someone had a dream
  • “Do Autonomous Cars Dream of Green Batteries?”
  • Mine also back to green. Seriously. I have full FSD.
  • Scrabble is it while you are charging?
  • Scrannel
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