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Export to South Africa?

Good day, who can I contact at Tesla to start/understand the process to import Tesla vehicles(Cybertruck) to South Africa? South Africa is not currently a region! Thx Werner


  • Just buy an Elephant ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚
  • First you would need to see if your government would allow it into South Africa. There are a number of cars that are sold in Europe that are not allowed in the U.S.
  • @werner72 - I often recommend Tesla vehicles, but I would strongly suggest you reconsider. Consider you'll be unable to get any warranty work or even paid service work done. While Tesla's have gotten quite reliable, if you have a problem, short of shipping the car to a Tesla service, it can be very difficult to service.

    Now there have been a few rich owners who have imported Teslas to countries where Tesla is not available, including some islands. They can afford to ship the car back to Tesla for any work that may be needed.

    Then all Tesla's are connected to provide many features, including maps, over-the-air updates, streaming audio, and more. All that requires a cellular connection and contracts Tesla has with local providers. There is no way to connect to your local cellular network and get local maps and other features.

    As cool as it would be to have the only Tesla in your area, I'd advise you wait until Tesla opens in your territory. Hopefully, it will happen.
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