Model 3

Rain and Sentry Mode

After the latest update, when it rains, my sentry mode fills up my 64G stick. This is something that has just started happening. I can see the screen from my front window, and when it starts raining, the screen stays on the sentry mode alert (HAL) screen, and continues to record. I have reviewed the footage, and the only movement is water running across the cameras.

I have tried reseting the computer, reformatting the USB, but is still does it. I have also turned off sentry mode, and it still constantly alerts (HAL) and records to the USB stick. Is this a new problem with sentry mode?

2018 Model 3 - LMR


  • I have noticed Sentry mode when enabled recording when there is rain especially if there is lightening. Now when it's turned off, I have not seen Sentry Mode trigger, and it shouldn't since it's turned off.
  • If Sentry Mode is showing alerts and recording, then you didn’t disable it properly.
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