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I purchased a formatted (specifically for Tesla from Pure Tesla) drive. When I plug it in I do not get the camera icon. Any suggestions?
I assume on the 2020 M3 there is only the one USB port in which to plug it in.


  • Try using the car to format the drive.
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    Don't format the PureTesla drive via the car. It's already formatted. Likely a hardware issue as far as the plug in to the car's USB.

    Try a different USB plug on the car first. I thought the flash drive had to be in the left side to work...or was it the right.

    If switching the USB plugs doesn't work, contact PureTesla for suggestions.

    Once the car formats the drive or tries to, it will likely render it inoperable.

    My PureTesla drive has survived for over a year, bug fix after bug fix, so 99% not the drive. Prior to the PureTesla drive, I had two work and then fail in the car.
  • The USB configuration changed in June 2020, which is when they added the USB port in the glovebox. If you have the old configuration, either front USB port will work, and both of those are USB-A. In the newer configuration, the left front is USB-C and the right front is USB-A. I don’t know if your USB is compatible with USB-C, it might be.
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