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Is it possible to have an integrated solar panel on the roof that charges the battery while in the sun?



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    Mentioned often. Ridiculously expensive compared to added storage, trivial charge rates, etc. Invest in rooftop solar on your home or garage if you must have solar!
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    Granted it is not worth it at the moment but EVENTUALLY I imagine EV's will be coated in Solar paint which is under development currently. Considering most cars spend 90+% of their lives parked it is conceivable that the EV's of the future may not need to be plugged in at all!
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    Parked outside? Garages will be obsolete then, I guess. Street parking will be a horror show!
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    I have solar panels on our sailboat, and it stays outside all the time, so can it maintain the batteries on a static basis. However, there is no way the panels could actually run anything on the boat on a real time basis, even something as limited as the radio or navigation lights. I also have a 27kw system (84 panels) on my barn that can power about 200% of our home's electical requirements. However, even the most efficient solar panels that would fit on a car surface could not provide enough power for more than a few minutes per day of running these cars. Also, these vehicles will spend 90% of the time garaged and out of the sun. The answer is charging EV's is to add solar panels to a building roof or some other wide open space.
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    Well of course that is the only solution right now Dave...that's why I said EVENTUALLY...but one day solar technology will advance so that every building, EV, and home will be painted with solar cells...maybe the garages of the future will have transparent cielings?..still if you have a garage you probably have a driveway to park in as well, and chances are you park your car outside if you park at work/shopping malls/ etc. Building design will adapt over time to accomodate as well, the world is not static. Solar paint might just be an option for your car if you want it or not.

    Obviously the cells wouldn't generate enough energy to actually power the car directly but with a 500-1000 mile range battery it would be conceiveable that the car's cells would generate enough energy (by sitting parked 95% of the time) to continuously trickle charge the car's battery so that plugging in would only be required for your long distance trips, where rapid charging times are needed to keep you on the go.

    Granted I am talking about in 20-30 years time here...but definately possible longterm.

    New nano solar cell developements are actually taking about being able to generate electricity using different wavelengths of light such as Infra-Red so eventually we may even generate solar electricity at night!
    Not saying that all this isn't very experimental at this point but if nobody had a dream then companies like Tesla wouldn't exist. Who knows what we can achieve in time.
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    You're doing a lot of hand-waving there. The total solar energy falling on a car is a function of its size (not to mention latitude, etc.) There's not enough "there" there. You can't make a silk dress out of a sow's ear.
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    Brisen h, when efficiency increase on solar panels, it may be feasible.
    As an example, central Colorado receives annual 2200 kWh/m² solar energy. This is quit a few charges.
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    Is should be possible to get at least a couple of m2 in full sun at all times, so with a near 100% efficiency in 20 years, you would get enough energy to charge the car 50x a year. Should be enough for a year driving.
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    50x full charges i ment..
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    Well I guess you can pretty much say anything could be possible in a 20-30 year timespan so I admit I cheated a bit there. But solar might not only be generated eventually from the paint...the glass on the car could be generating electricity as well, from solar windows!:

    The possibilities are truly endless.
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