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Model X Delivery Timelines

Model X ordered pre-refresh and originally had a March 3-28 delivery window, now nothing shows up in my Tesla account. Anyone else have a delivery estimate for a refreshed Model X?


  • When I log into my account and view my vehicle, I don’t actually don’t see anything that indicates any timeline for delivery either. Maybe I just don’t know where to look. Where did previously see your ETA? My guess is they have removed all references to delivery dates for everyone, but wondering what everyone else is seeing?
  • Delivery dates are gone for both our X and S
  • My brother-in-law ordered an S, and he has a timeline of March 6-31. He said he sees it when he logs into his account. Not sure what to make of that.
  • I am hearing the MS ETA have been pushed to April. Has anyone had any conversations with their sales people about MX ETA timelines? I still see nothing in my account.
  • The new X was always stated as being 1 month later than the S. So if the S is pushed a month, I expect the X has been pushed forward another month as well.
  • My X account says delivery between April 1 and April 30. So, April. Site still says March for the S.

    That said, I don’t think Tesla has ever hit an original delivery deadline (not that I care, just saying), so who knows.
  • @elguapo - Perhaps you are thinking years ago?

    Tesla lately has been shortening the forecasted delivery time for new designs. Model Y was months ahead of schedule. The tri-motor Plaid also looks to be many months ahead of schedule, as it was originally expected in late summer. China built model 3 deliveries from factory groundbreaking to delivery was about a year, an incredible accomplishment.
  • I have heard some mention that they see "April" on the dashboard as an ETA. My dashboard has nothing. No mention of a timeline. Does anyone else have any indication of an ETA in their dashboard?
  • Teslarati is reporting 2/15 to 3/15 was posted as a delivery date.
  • We ordered the new Model x last week and don't see an ETA on delivery. Not sure if we can wait this out. Can't find anything credible that provides any clue to the delivery date. It would be helpful to get something...
  • I’m new to Tesla . Ordered MX on 12/27 after my SUV totaled and reordered refreshed MX on 1/28.
    No word so far on estimated delivery date and rep won’t answer emails. Driving rental isn’t cost effective.
    Looks like I need to have different expectations on dealing with Tesla.
  • If you ordered 1/28, estimated delivery is April.

    If you ordered last week, estimated delivery is May-June based on the Tesla website.

    Rumor mill is MS Plaid would be the 1st produced in March, followed by MS, followed by MX (in April).

    Reality is Tesla has rarely delivered on their timelines, so I'm not anticipating receiving my vehicle until after the dates noted above. You can keep an eye out based on the MS Plaid and MS and see how they're coming along in the next month. The Teslarati article I posted previously probably isn't accurate.
  • I ordered early December 2020 ,and do not have an estimated delivery date posted. I've received multiple emails requesting that I complete pre-delivery task. Unfortunately, I can't complete pre-delivery task as I need VIN number to secure insurance.
  • @LT3, Until the new 2021 goes into production, there are no VINs to give out. The production looks to start maybe in late March, but more likely in April. They are finishing off the Model S first, and the X is expected to follow about 30 days later. Both are going to be built on the same production line. In the past, they were two separate lines.
  • I ordered my Tesla Model X on Sept 8th requesting January delivery. I have NOT received any additional information. I didn't even know they changed up vehicle until I read it on Google. My service advisor is MIA - when I finally reached him (after escalating to the Manager) he told me I needed to update to the newer model and would receive a $2K credit off the new price. Again, he's MIA. I'm beginning to wonder is this car worth all this?????
  • @SimiFish - Everyone's situation is different. It's hard to tell you when your car might be available when the production line is not currently running.

    Hard to say if you want to wait for a great car or just go out and get an antique ICE SUV. They are all antiques when compared against the Model X :) If you're in a rush, you could consider a Model Y, but it's not at all the same.
  • I requested model X Test drive on tesla website. Today rep called and said test drive vehicles won’t be available till mid April. Apparently Tesla will allocate vehicles to customers who ordered prior to refresh first and they should be getting them by late March.
  • More likely, May-June, as the website shows
  • If you didn't use a referral code you can text your delivery specialist to have david25498 added on. Cheers and enjoy your new car!
  • We ordered an MX back on December 1, 2020, we had the delivery time of Feb 12 - Mar 12, and then after the earnings call that disappeared and was replaced with the message "Prepare for delivery" and nothing else. It has not changed for us yet.

    As of Feb 23rd still no news and no updates in our account. Only Musk and Tesla could get away with this type of 'NO COMMUNICATION' with customers. I would personally hate to be a Tesla Advisor during this time, could you imagine having to repeat the same BS day in and day out?

    One of the last emails we received from our Tesla Advisor said, "We have received updates saying that existing orders will not have their values held at exactly the same price. If you would like to continue the buying process for the new X, the price will increase for you by $8,000 dollars. The last piece of bad news I have is that these vehicles will not be ready until April now, to ensure they are absolutely perfect before release. With that, we know that this car is not what you ordered. If you do wish to cancel the order, we can refund you the $100 dollar deposit for your time. If you want to continue, just let me know if you have any updated preferences to your configuration. Thank you for your patience! It will be well worth it."

    We are already in for a penny in for a pound so we will stick it out and attempt to wait patiently, but what a pain. We are putting several things on hold until we get this vehicle.

    This is definitely not a pleasurable car buying experience.

    I know first-world problems right?
  • I ordered the Model X December 3rd, 2020, and had a delivery timeline of 12/17 - 12/30. My vehicle didn’t come. Tesla contacted me a week after they announced the refresh to update my order, and said they were hoping for late March deliveries. The website says prepare for delivery, but no dates. They offered a $2k discount to account for the price increase.
  • I still have nothing in my dashboard. Has anyone out there seen a delivery date on their dashboard (post refresh announcement)?
  • I expect until production starts on the Model X, Tesla is not going to post a delivery date. The hope is production will start sometime in April, 30 days after the Model S starts. A good indicator will be when the Model S production starts. As far as I can tell, the Model S is not in production yet.
  • My estimated delivery now says April, anyone else get an update?
  • Does the $2K credit show on your new purchase order after you reconfigured on the refresh MX for folks who purchased the MX prior refresh announcement?
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