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Any need for a roadster with plaid performance?

Its going to be hard to outperform the plaid.
Do you thing the roadster will ever be built?


  • I believe it'll be necessary. It's already been stated that the Roadster will be using the plaid powertrain. This is one of the reasons why it has been delayed up until now because Elon wanted to test how the tri-motor system and new batteries would work. With that being said, I believe the performance numbers we saw from the Roadster back in 2017 will be improved upon when released. Elon has already stated that it'll be faster than the Model S Plaid, so it'll have to have a 0-60 in less than 1.9s, not to mention a better quarter mile of 8.8s that was shown. Not to mention, there will be a SpaceX package that equips it with air thrusters which will make it unpractical but definitely unmatched by anything else.
  • Elon said today that, "HOPEFULLY", it will be ready to ship next year. Also said it will have the option to add a SpaceX package with a rocket thruster in back and even the possibility of thrusters that will allow the car to hover above the ground!! Elon being Elon! The thruster in back is certainly a possibility. Don't see the hover feature ever being implemented for production.
  • There is a market for both. Plaid+ is a hidden supercar, while the Roadster is a visible supercar. For me, I'd pick the Roadster over Plaid+ just for the exterior styling, but it's not nearly as practical as Plaid+ for most.

    Also, I expect the Roadster will outperform Plaid+, even if they have identical underpinnings. The Roadster should be considerably lighter and have an even lower CD.
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