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Positive Solar Install + PWs

I thought I’d take a moment and share a positive experience with TESLA Solar Installation process. There seems to be lots of negative out there, but I think if you do careful research and understand the process it will make the project go so much better.

70 Panels
4 Powerwalls

Decided on Solar loan for purchase.

We live on acreage and have a larger house with two out buildings, so our system, given our power usage this is the system that was developed. We had to drop one panel during the project as it wouldn’t fit, and this caused a little ripple I’ll explain in a bit.

9/16/2020 —paid $100 deposit

9/17/2020 —revceived email from my Tesla Rep, and reviewed plan layout
10/2/2020 — Met with Tesla Engineer for site review. He was on time having driven down from WA state to get to our place in OR. I walked him around and he went through attic spaces, and roof to take photos and assess various aspects of project. Total time was about two hours. He pointed out some aspects of our setup that needed to be addressed, including a bird nest it one of our panels that needed to be remediated before installation.

1/17/2021— Received email reminder of solar installation. Advised crew would be on site at 8am. and that project install would take 3-4 days.
1/19/2021—Crew showed up at 7:45, and one the the workers introduced himself and said the project lead would be there shortly. Very polite and very conscious of where to park etc. Total crew of 5 installers, and two project leads (electricians) that ran the show.

These guys were great! Every day they were on time. They wore safety gear and followed COVID protocols. Ladders were secured, crew was safety lined to the roof, and were extremely professional. 5 guys did the panel installation on 4 sections of our roof. They went out of their way to show me the parts they were using, what each thing did, and how they secured panels to the roof without damage or leaks. I was very inquisitive and had lots of questions they were always happy to answer. The electricians walked me though their part too, showing me exactly what was happening and how things were being installed.

Each day they cleaned up site as if they were never there. Even small bits of wire were raked up and thrown away, and they took all cartons and wrapping each day. These guys really took pride in their work and I haven’t had a work crew like this in as long as I can remember. During the install, they did show me how two of the panels simply wouldn’t fit per the plans. They are able to move one, and after discussion with the crew we decided the other just wouldn’t look right if we tried to squeeze it in, so the the Lead called into HQ and was told we could leave it off without an issue.

On final day they walked me though the panels (this was the surprising part as they added a large number of panels to my wall). They showed me how to power up/down the system and how to use the app on my phone.

At the end of the project they made sure everything was clean, tidy, and conduit was painted. and the batteries and panels were up and running. They even called the county to schedule the inspection for the next day.

The guys even walked me around the panels and wanted me to see the final project. They really took pride in our project and I felt they were really happy they had the chance to work on our house.
2/4/21—PGE meter Rep arrived on time and installed my new meter without me knowing he was even there, until he was done! Fired up system and it powered right up. He walked me through the meter settings, signed off on the system and handed me my PTO certificate.

Received email from Tesla with invoice to pay final amount. Called them and provided card over the phone and she informed my she’d inform the PTO team we are done.

Phone app seems to be up and running and the PWs are now charging and ready for use. Overall a great experience with very few hangups!


  • Thanks for the thorough assessment - nice to hear the positive stories pop up. Followup stories of your ongoing experience would be appreciated by everyone. Neighbor across the street is having his install today and tomorrow (6 weeks EARLY from promised date) and so far - his experience mirrors yours. 12.2 kW, 36 panels, 3 powerwalls. I will encourage him to toss his experience in to the mix as well.

    Bottom - line - congratulations !! I will admit to being a bit envious, because in spite of what is usually the case in polite conversations - size matters.
  • Thanks, KibsterPdx, and welcome to the renewable energy family!
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