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Powerwall Wait times horrible

How long have people been waiting for their powerwalls? I ordered 3 last fall and told it will take til next fall for them to come in. That is a crazy unrealistic time to order and pay that much and have to wait a year. Anyone else have issues with this?


  • Yep, the demand is off the charts and the limited battery supply is likely the prime reason. From order to installation took me about 4 months, but this was started in late 2019. CA wildfires, flooding, and hurricanes have all helped push the demand to crazy levels.

    Now it may also be Tesla is prioritizing those areas in critical need and those that buy a complete solar system and Powerwalls together, but I don't know that for a fact.

    For me, Tesla solar and Powerwalls have worked great and I've basically zeroed out my electrical costs, including charging my EV. Also got me through a few PG&E (CA) outages.
  • I waited almost two years. I got tired of waiting, cancelled my order and went with an approved 3rd party Powerwall installer. Within a month, my Powerwalls were installed.
  • Ah, you mean through Tesla. Yeah, I had mine installed by an authorized retailer too. Quick and easy.
  • That sounds crazy that adding another business entity in the middle of a purchase and installation process could make it go quicker.

    Live and learn, I guess.
  • We ordered in December 2019 and had them installed in December 2020.
    Here are a few photos of the install:
  • I ordered in October 2020. I was told to expect installation around March.
    Tesla produces power walls in cycles for different markets. IE: Australia, Europe, etc.
    I had a 3rd party give me an estimate for immediate installation. It was $4k more than Tesla with a 25 year warranty. That extended warranty is only good for as long as they are in business, so no go for me.
  • I ordered 2 walls through our local solar installer (who put up our panels 6 years ago) in Aug 2020. At that time, the delivery date was Feb 2021. Now that Feb is here, Tesla has pushed delivery back to September 2021. I’m located in Washington state.

    It sounds like 3rd parties doing them faster must have a backlog of units that they pre purchase from Tesla without a homeowner in mind?
  • We waited about two years.
  • I ordered solar and three Powerwalls at the start of August 2020. In November, they asked for a bunch more photos of my garage, and then in January they asked for some more again. I keep getting automated emails saying that they're working on moving my project forward.

    I really wish they would be more transparent with the timelines.

    I'm hoping that the recent shutdown of the Model 3 lines freed up some batteries for Powerwalls.

    As a stockholder, the good news is that this demonstrates that Tesla can sell every battery they produce. Batteries are clearly their biggest bottleneck right now, and will likely continue to be so for a good while.
  • For us, the holdup was the city approving the plans. Tesla was doing their part and the city was slowing them down.
  • Update: I just had the permit application notarized by Tesla.
    When I asked my rep about the estimated date for installation, he said summer.
    I checked when I ordered, it was August, not October. So I’m looking at around a year from order to installation.
    Good thing I’m not in a hurry.
  • The town permits are easy here. I used to be on the Planning Board, so if there were an issue, my friends in Town Hall would have called me. I'm concerned that there may be delays from Eversource (the electric company), though, as they have been known to drag their feet on everything. I would really like to have the Powerwalls before summer, as I will get paid from the power company under a program where the walls will discharge to the grid at peak demand. My new solar array is relatively small (as most of the roof is covered with older panels that are working fine). Still, every time we lose power, I blame Tesla. (It's surprising how often that is.)
  • A minor note - the batteries used in Tesla Powerwalls are different than those used in vehicles. They are optimized for the Powerwall application, which is different than those needed in an EV. So transferring unused vehicle batteries to Powerwall production can't happen.
  • I’m in No Cal fire affected area. Ordered 10/19, scheduled installation in Jan ‘20 but rescheduled due to installer illness, COVID delayed until May ‘20.
  • > @NES007 said:
    > How long have people been waiting for their powerwalls? I ordered 3 last fall and told it will take til next fall for them to come in. That is a crazy unrealistic time to order and pay that much and have to wait a year. Anyone else have issues with this?

    We waited about two years.
  • I just received an email today from Eversource confirming that my application (filed by Tesla) for a residential power generation system is complete and they will now be screened by Eversource's engineering department. I don't know when Tesla submitted the plan to Eversource, but at least it's moving. (Ordered early August as stated above.)
  • We waited about 5 months from ordering, and 3 months from contract signing (along with a solar roof). This was pre-COVID and one month of the delay was for rain in December.
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