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Does Model S have a charge reserve capacity built in?

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I was curious if the Model S has a reserve capacity when it shows no miles to empty? I feel this may be real important to know when running close on a charge. Has anyone run their car to 0 miles or close to that? End of charge stories might be interesting. David


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    My understnading is the the car will stop driving at 0% but withholds 5% or so to protect the battery and electronics.
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    That's the claim, but a few people have driven 5+ miles "below zero", while being ordered by the UI to "plug in IMMEDIATELY!!"
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    When I did my 400+ mi drive earlier in the month, I only used 80.3 kWh of the 85. I went a couple miles further than 0 range and the dash started showing a Charge Now in red where it usually says ideal range. It still drove on and off the truck too. We used radio, screens and air conditioning for another 45 mi while waiting for a tow truck. It went into an economy mode for air conditioning and ave a notice about it. No ill effects to the battery, but I wonder how much of the 5kWh reserve is actually usable before the car completely shuts down. For fear of damaging the battery, I did not want to test it this far on my own car ; ). Let me know what anyone else finds. Also note that this was with the "4.0" firmware update...
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    Dmetcalf, apropos... did you receive any "nice surprise" from Tesla for being the first doing 400+?
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    Got stuck on the highway at 0 %.Was pleased to get to travel home on the reserve(about10 k).There was no message except the car cannot get to a known charger.Thankk you for the reserve.I really was not smart to be in that situation.
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