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Snow guards for solar roof

My solar roof installation is going on in northern NJ. We had a pretty big winter storm on Feb 1 with more than 2 ft of snow. By that time most of the tear off and water proofing was done. The snow kept accumulating on the underlying tarp and we had some mini avalanches as a result of snow sliding off the roof.

In spite of the ongoing bad weather, the TESLA crew was able to get the roof over the garage done, which looks beautiful. But, then it snowed again and I had piles of snow sliding off the solar roof. Just wondering, if TESLA should start thinking of adding snow guards to their solar roof, to avoid snow sliding off roofs and causing damage to the landscape and gutters.


  • If the snow stays, you get less production & maybe zero. I want the snow to clear & minimize production losses.
    In the gutter I've never heard of damage unless the roof is leaking heat. It's important to fix heat leaks 1st. Then you can have a heating cable in the gutter, uses 120V. Just turn on before storm & really remember to turn off or use timer.
    The areas where the snow falls needs to be prepared so uncontrolled impact doesn't damage.
  • They absolutely should offer snow guards that either funnels the melting snow to drain off or something. In our first year of having them, the snow fell off our second-story roof and totaled my wife's car, completely bypassing gutters. We have a townhouse and you can't help but park directly in front of the building. This year, we've moved our cars to the street, but there's no telling when the rest of it (now ice sheets) will fall.
  • I had my new solar roof installed in SE PA, and I can say Tesla does need snow guards.

    The snow slides off the roof super easily if it has any sort of pitch. On my home it falls on the driveway and on my front landscaping (luckily I have small roof over front step or it would bury it). The falling snow broke branches on my trees and made 4 foot plus piles next to my front door on either side.

    I didn't know about this until after I shoveled out my driveway of 10 inches of snow - then the snow sliding off garage roof made a 2 foot pile...

    Then I shoveled that, but then more from a higher roof slide down to garage roof, then that slide off onto driveway made another huge pile!

    Tesla please add snow guards soon to prevent property damage and lots of extra shoveling!
  • How do you get solar energy production if snow covers the tiles for any length of time?
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