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Can I be first to buy with BTC?

Currently I'm ~300 in line for the dual motor Cybertruck.
Can I pay with BTC and ensure I get it this year?


  • No one knows. Possibly. At worse, sell the BTC and pay with cash. Works every time!
  • Most likely yes, the cybertruck will most likely start shipping at the end of 2021, and Elon Musk said he would start accepting Bitcoin as payment.

    It is not the same as having to sell the Bitcoin for dollars and then pay using dollars, since moving a large amount of money through an exchange implies risk and fees, also it is good to encourage others to use Bitcoin, since Tesla will be accepting Bitcoin, it makes complete sense to pay with Bitcoin and not having to sell for FIAT, it is good for the Bitcoin network, the customer and Tesla, everyone wins.

    If a lot of people use Bitcoin it could create incentives for Tesla to integrate Bitcoin to their supercharger network, imagine being in the middle of nowhere and your credit card fails and you can not supercharge, we all know Bitcoin does not fail.
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