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Erroneous energy reading?

I have a Model 3 SR+ and I have read the manual.

Has anyone had a recent experience with an erroneous reading on their display? At work, in an interior garage, I have had repeated episodes where I get in my car at the end of the day and find a 5 to 6% drop from where the battery said it was when I parked it. This is in roughly an 8 hour day. I called Tesla and the really great service tech---I mean he was really helpful----said he ran full diagnostics on it for several days, and was able to see that yes, while it was showing that drop, it would restore the 5% every night overnight, at about 1 am. So in other words, the battery is never actually depleting that much---it's just saying that it did. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • Is that 1 am GMT?
  • Central Time.
  • This could be quite accurate. Keep in mind, battery capacity is affected by the temperatures. Take, for example, in cold weather you have 30 miles of range left when you reach home. The battery has been warmed by the power used and/or the coolant heater. Now the car sits outside and cools to 10F after a few hours. Now the battery capacity will be zero, and you may not even be able to drive the car a mile! Now if the ambient temperature were to rise to 60F, most of that 30 miles lost will come back. Get it to 80F and all of the 30 miles would return.

    This is just an example, and the numbers are taken from some events others have seen and may vary with other factors. Low SOC is worse than higher SOC levels, but it still applies. The difference is the battery has enough power to self-heat itself and get that range back. It seems strange to use power to get more power, but that's just the way the battery chemistry works.

    Anyway, be wary when you get to low SOC. The range shown will be fairly accurate - so long as you continue to your destination or charger. Stop and let it cool even for 30 minutes, and you may find no range is available.
  • So did you check and verify the "restore"?
  • FWIW: Was recently on a trip from NJ to Boston and back. Arrived at a Supercharger in the Boston area with, what, 10 or 20 miles left on the guess-o-meter.
    Soon as I parked, a little message popped up stating that as the car got cold, the range was going to drop. For that matter, the same message popped up on the way back at another Supercharger. Note that outside temperatures at the time were in the 20F range.
    So, yeah, even the car messages state that, just sitting there, the car's range will go down as the batteries cool.
  • What is the temperature?
  • Thank you to all. The temps outside are quite cold. In the teens and even single digits. But this has been happening for a while, when the temps were in the 40's. And again, I'm parking indoors, in a heated's not open to the outside air. Roughly 60 degrees or so inside.
  • 40's is still "cold" for the battery
  • Still getting this 5% drop every day----AFTER I park in the interior garage. Yesterday I warmed the car up to depart at the end of my 8 hour day---to precondition the battery. When I got in the car, my total drop from when I parked it was 10%.
  • @parogers_98655517 Are you using Sentry mode?
  • No---no sentry mode
  • Are you using any third party apps like TeslaFi, Stats, or anything else?

    If not, then I am going to go with that it is cold weather reduction and you gain it back as the battery warms back up. a 5% drop over 8 hours is approx 470W constant draw, so either it is cold related temporary reduction in what the car tells you is available, or something is on and drawing power. The only things that would be causing a power draw would be sentry, summon standby, or a third party app keeping the car awake.
  • No third party apps. No sentry.
  • Are you seeing the snowflake?
  • No. As I said above, this is an indoor heated garage in an office building. I park the car and come out at the end of the day and find I've lost 5% during the day. This is far above the 1% loss which Tesla and the manual say are typical loss during a 24 hour period.
  • I lose 0.5% per day. Seems they could remotely diagnosis the draw.
  • parogers_98655517,

    How old is your M3? If its more than 2 years old your 12v could be weak and the car is constantly charging it from the main battery.
  • I bought it last April.
  • It seems like your car is not sleeping, So that is Sentry but you already checked that. Are you not locking the car? (Yes its a silly question but its an indoor garage, so maybe your not?). The car will not sleep if its unlocked.
  • It is locked. I've had mobile service on this twice. The last one said it is not truly losing the power---it's just displaying a 5% loss, and then it actually restores it overnight around 1a. That is little solace when I need to know how much juice I have, though.
  • > @parogers_98655517 said:
    > The last one said it is not truly losing the power---it's just displaying a 5% loss, and then it actually restores it overnight around 1a.

    Did you check? Does it actually come back like the mobile tech said?
  • I can't think of a time where a 5% variance would make a difference, neverminding the fact that the gauge is not that accurate to begin with.
  • edited February 19
    @parogers_98655517 looks like we are all at an impasse here. Either you are mistaken about something, or there is something going on that no one here has encountered in the many years of using and troubleshooting Tesla's. I'm not trying to be mean with that statement, we just seriously don't have any more logical ideas.

    You can try and contact Tesla and ask them to look at the logs for a certain time period and see what is drawing power. As I said, 5% is about a 468kW draw over 8 hours.
  • I'm not an engineer. I don't even know what a 468kw draw means. I just drive my car. But I'm not mistaken. When I park it at 62% and get in 8 hours later and find it at 57%, that's a 5% drop. And to the previous poster, no, i'm sorry, I have not checked the car overnight. That is about the time that I begin charging, and it is charged to 80% when I leave the house in the morning. Thanks to all.
  • Prolly 468 Watts
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