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Solar Roof stop producing electricity under Storm Warning

We just had a big winter storm, and power is cut off. I know Tesla don't want it to produce electricity for fear it would send back to the grid that can hurt the crew that is working on the line. But can Tesla program the roof to produce electricity until the batteries are charged up to 80 or 90%, then shut off. Only produce electricity when the batteries are low. Right now, the grid is down, the Tesla batteries are empty, and it is sunny outside with an expensive solar roof that is not producing electricity.


  • Sorry, it does produce electricity. It has a delay.
  • Depending on settings, your 'Roof may be prioritizing powering the house, and might not be getting enough power from the array to do that, *and* charge the 'Walls. It's the worst part of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) for solar PV production right now.
  • Wow, do I understand @Giang correctly??? I pray someone can help solve that asap!
    So... The Tesla SolarRoof will NOT allow the solar energy production to be collected and used to support home needs or even charge the PowerWalls???
    OMGosh, this cannot be the case! Perhaps the installers made a mistake?

    Any clarification will help!

    The #1 main reason I want a Tesla SolarRoof is to protect my family in a power outrage! I want Heat, AC, lights & refrigerators to see NO disruption.
    The #2 reason is to reduce or eliminate my monthly electric bill!

    Cheers and best of luck helping Giang asap,

  • The Solar Roof is just a different form of PV panels installation, and operates the same way that traditional panels do. A correctly installed and configured system with PWs will provide backup when there's a grid outage.

    ejkessler, You might want to reconsider the HVAC requirements for backed-up loads. An HVAC can quickly deplete PWs, depending on the climate and system size. There's only 13.5 kWh in each Powerwall, and the average home in the USA consumes ~30kWh per day. During a grid emergency, it's important to *manage* electrical loads to get the most out of your system.
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