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Charging won’t start

Among the many issues I’ve had with my new Tesla vehicle, now charging on my Model S won’t start unless I open the car door. I hear several clicks as if it’s attempting to start, but it won’t start unless I open and shut the door. I thought once the cable is plugged in that it should be enough to start.


  • Are you saying that it used to work without opening the door but now it doesn’t? What hardware are you charging with? What software version is installed in the car?

    The more information you provide, the better the responses will be.
  • Pretty sure someone described the same issue recently.
  • @Bighorn is correct. I quite recently experienced a similar charging issue. Long story short: it turned out to be a software bug that was introduced with whatever version my Model S was on two versions ago. The issue disappeared with the previous update, and has not returned. (My car is currently running version 2020.48.371.1)

    You may read the full thread here:

    … or search this Model S forum for “Strange Charging Problem”
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