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Model s door latch sticking

So the driver door handle on my 2016 Model S presents itself but when I pull it the door doesn’t open. If I yank on it really hard than the door will open and then the latch seems to work for a little while but then it starts sticking again. I have been searching online and I can only find the problem with the doorhandle presenting itself not the latch sticking. Does anyone else have this issue and how do I go about fixing it myself?


  • Your issue isn't the latch sticking. The pressure sensor in the handle is acting up.
  • > @jordanrichard_629778 said:
    > Your issue isn't the latch sticking. The pressure sensor in the handle is acting up.

    Oh ok that makes sense. Is it an easy fix?
  • I am trying to find the replacement pressure sensor. Would it be part # 1016009-00-E ?
  • Sometimes the handle will be presented, but timed out for opening, so pulling doesn’t do anything. The handle retracts and re-presents and then works. Not sure if this is your issue.
  • Easy fix? Well, for a Tesla technician it is. Basically your remove the door panel, then remove the door handle module from the door. Then remove and replace the faulty sensor. Put everything back together.
  • Also check the alignment. My door handle was sticking and Tesla guy came and he aligned it and it worked fine after that.
  • I concur with @jordanrichard_629778: the behavior you describe sounds like a broken pressure switch (or a broken wire in the harness.) At least one aftermarket company sells nice rebuild kits which contain: a more robust paddle gear; new switches; new, more robust wiring harness that resists flex-failure longer than the OEM harness; door panel clips; vapor barrier retainers.

    On my 2015 S 85D, three handles have failed: two from broken paddle gears because my friends and family members slam car doors harder than the Romans slammed the portcullis when the Huns attacked; and one from a failed pressure switch (which was probably actually a broken wire [flex-failure] in the harness.) Tesla repaired the first handle under warranty; I repaired the last two.

    While you’re in there, you may as well do the full rebuild—especially if your paddle gears are first generation die-cast metal. It’s fairly easy, rewarding work if you like to tinker (I do), and requires only basic tools e.g.: sockets, Allen wrenches, drivers. etc.
  • Thanks Dan_Foster! I ordered the kit that has a new switch and the paddle gear. Hopefully this will fix the issue and save me from future problems with this one door atleast.

    Video on door handle shows dip switches that fail
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