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Charge port issue

I have one of the early build Model 3 from April 2018. Recently the charge port door started to only open half way, and then it refused to open.
I requested a Mobile Service and they provided me an estimate. I thought it should be covered by the warranty.
Does other early Model 3 owners have similar issue?


  • I had the same issue with my April 2018 M3. Tesla replaced the charge port under warranty. At first, the service center listed the estimate at $700+, but when asked why it wasn't a warranty part, they replaced for free.
  • @LikeEVs, It's standard policy for Tesla to send an estimate prior to doing service even while the car is still under warranty. As long as the failure wasn't from some sort of abuse your charge port door will be covered by warranty and you won't be charged.

    Mine was doing the same thing and was recently replaced under warranty. Mine is an 8/18 delivery.
  • The SO owns a 2018 M3 from September. It started showing the OP's behavior last fall. First trip out by the mobile tech had him show up with a bunch of magnets. But the magnet was there, so that wasn't the problem.
    He told us that, inside the flap mechanism, there was a gear that got stripped or something and, after that, the flap wouldn't work right. At the time, the local Service Center was out of parts.
    A mobile tech came out the week before last and replaced the flap; now it works fine. Zero cost to us, warranty repair.
  • Same issue with my Model 3 (Sept 2018 delivery). Have a mobile service appointment in a little over a week. This is the part they ordered for my appointment:

    Part #: 1084854-00-F
  • My August 2018 LR M3 has the same problem. I’m past 50k miles so no warranty. However, the tech didn’t realize this at first and was not going to charge me for the repair. So, it is covered by warranty.
  • The mobile tech came. after pushing on it once, then the problem cannot be recreated. he couldn't replace the port mechanism, but he said he would make detailed record on what he saw.
  • Mine self repaired with a FW update.
  • My April 2018 same issue, covered on warranty. Not sure why yours isn’t. Do you have over 50k miles on it?

    Also are you sure they aren’t going to cover it? I typically get “an estimate” for a service call even if it’s covered by warranty

    They clearly have an issue with the motor on this charge port door. Hopefully it has been improved.
  • I’ll chime in also. Mine was defective on the day we picked up the car. Mobile service came out and replaced it and took care of a few other minor issues as well. Has worked ever since. 7/2018 build.
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