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Tesla App is incorrect. How long until Tesla fixes it?

I have an issue with the Tesla app; it’s adding my solar generation to my “From Grid” portion. For example, yesterday Feb 19, 2021, the website through my utility company shows that I consumed a total of 4kWh from the grid after factoring in my solar generation of 16.9kWh, but the Tesla app is showing my “From Grid” as 21kWh, which is equal to the 16.9kWh (solar generation) plus the 4kWh I actually got from the grid.

On the Tesla app my “Home Usage” should be 20.9kWh, “Solar Energy” should be 16.9 kWh, and “From Grid” should be 4kWh.

The Tesla electrician has come out twice already, once to install the powerblaster and once to fix another issue I had (wasn't showing the home usage at all), but the app is still not showing the correct information. I have no faith in the electrician that came out; I don't think he knows what he's doing. Are the sensors still placed on the wrong lines? Or is there something else that needs to be done to get this fixed? Does Tesla have other team members that can come and solve issues, or will they be sending the same person?


  • > @Lakersfreak said:
    > On the Tesla app my “Home Usage” should be 20.9kWh, “Solar Energy” should be 16.9 kWh, and “From Grid” should be 4kWh.

    The Tesla app for yesterday shows my "Home Usage" as 37.9 kWh, "Solar Energy" as 16.9 kWh and "From Grid" as 21 kWh.
  • It's possible for Tesla Customer Support to solve *some* Powerblaster issues in your system with changes to configuration parameters while you're on the phone with them. They may have not reconfigured them in tandem with your site visit.

    I'd give them a call. The more specific you can be about your data, the better the odds they can easily fix it.
  • It's been over a week I called and emailed, and still have not heard anything back from Tesla. I love their product and innovative ideas, but they really need to shake down their whole customer service side. This is unacceptable.
  • I know it's a pain, but keep calling. I've never received an e-mail response from Tesla, but they've picked up the phone every time.
  • So after almost two weeks, I called my job foreman, and he got me in touch directly with the technician. It took the technician two minutes to change a setting on their side, and now the app is functioning properly. I don't understand why the customer service side is so bad.
  • I suspect it's because they can't keep up with their greatly expanded installation volume. Growing pains, coupled with COVID-19?
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