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Model S & X Plaid - Same Price??

Model X has always been more expensive than a Model S. The Long Range version still is at $10,000 higher $79,990 vs $89,990 for the X. Used to be a $5,000 variance if I remember correctly.

Where I'm confused, is why upgrading to Plaid is $40,000 on the Model S and only $30,000 on the Model X? Used to be the same price variance. Only difference I'm aware of is the Model S also gets a rear spoiler included. Other than that, appears both Plaid versions receive the same upgrades over the standard Long Range. Anyone know why the Model S Plaid is now the same price as the Model X Plaid? Is there something else the S gets that the X doesn't? Both priced at $119,990.

There is not Plaid+ Model X, so no comparison there. Just referring to the Plaid versions of each, not the (+).


  • Maybe just encouraging sales of “Plaid” but also Model S has more range - 390 miles vs 340 miles for X and S has better 0-60 time of 1.99 sec vs 2.5 seconds for X. Also a report i read re 2020 X said it it had less leg room for back seat passengers than either Model S or Model Y.
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