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A+ Denver, CO Tesla Solar Install Experience

I’m going to start off by saying I couldn’t be happier with the process to get my solar panel system installed by Tesla. From start to finish, things went rather smoothly and without issue or even any real hiccups. So thank you Tesla. I will say I totally understand the process doesn’t go so well for some folks. It’s an imperfect world made up of imperfect people. I wouldn’t be happy either if the grand solar plan didn’t play out so well.

So how well did it go for me? Here’s the relatively quick paced progression of major events:

Dec 22, 2020: the ball started rolling with a 4.08kW system
Dec 23, 2020: received first design proposal
Jan 3, 2021: Tesla home assessment
Jan 6, 2021: Tesla submitted for solar permitting in Denver
Jan 7, 2021: received second design proposal (at my request to add 2 additional panels)
Jan 11, 2021: Denver permit issued
Jan 13, 2021: received third design proposal (at my request to re-arrange panels)
Jan 13, 2021: I approved the third design
Jan 13, 2021: Tesla submitted permit modification to Denver
Jan 16, 2021: Denver issued revised permit
Jan 19, 2021: installation appointment set up to start on January 22
Jan 22, 2021: afternoon installation begins but doesn’t finish
Jan 25, 2021: installation resumes and finishes
Jan 25, 2021: Xcel Energy begins application review for installed PV system
Jan 26, 2021: Denver permit inspection scheduled for January 28
Jan 28, 2021: Denver permit inspection occurs. Pass.
Jan 29, 2021: received Xcel Energy application approval for the PV system
Feb 3, 2021: noticed received net meter ordered by Xcel Energy (up to 20 business days for install)
Feb 18, 2021: Xcel Energy installs the net meter
Feb 19, 2021: I turned on the system at 1:15pm

From initial inquiry to install it was just about a month (which spanned 3 holidays), and during this time Tesla was responsive by both email and text. Then it was 24 days more for permitting inspection and Xcel approval with 15 of those days being the wait for the net meter to be installed.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to do the install. They were friendly, eager to please, sought my input on installation approach, and kept a listening ear. They even called me by name as if they had already known me. They put extra effort into ensuring pest abatement was installed in a more “aesthetic” manner on the front skirts so that the abatement wasn’t attached to the skirt surface (it is fully behind the skirt on all sides as it should be). They freely shared upon request the sticker sheet with the optimizer numbers, along with the panel layout. I referred to them as the J-Team because it seemed like most of them had a first name starting with a J.

It might have helped just a little that I had protein & snack bars for them to enjoy at their leisure on the install days, along with gatorades to drink. It never hurts to be kind and hospitable.

So this is my positive story to be combined on this forum with those being shared in the negative. Hopefully it helps folks trying to make their own decision to sign up to have Tesla install solar.


  • Welcome to the renewable energy family! Good to hear that you had an experience that met your expectations, and thanks for posting about it.

    I'm certain that a vast majority of customers have had an experience that met or exceeded their expectations. Unfortunately they didn't take the time to post about it. Those that didn't get good results tend to post about it. I get it, but the result is that the perceived customer satisfaction is significantly (and falsely) skewed to the negative.
  • @gregbrew_98470014 I would tend to agree. I definitely cannot complain given Tesla was able to get installation done in essentially a 32 day period that had 3 holidays in it, and covered 2 design revisions and a permitting revision. So in this moment, I can't say anything bad at all...there wasn't anyone I dealt with that wasn't responsive, professional, courteous, and friendly.
  • That was my experience as well, for my two projects separated by three years. 5kW of solar with Solar City in December 2015, and two Powerwalls by Tesla in February 2019. Exemplary performance, but done without dealing with a pandemic that's taken a half-million lives in the US alone.
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