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Our new (used) Model X

Just bought a 2017 MX and will be making my third trip to service in less than a month.

1) vibration on acceleration - lots of parts replaced and still not 100% resolved at standard height.

2) squeaky FWD

3) twisted up seatbelts

4) driver profiles not holding steering wheel settings

5) water leakage into rear taillight

Love the car but seriously concerned about post-warranty life.


  • @rakiec_639745 : I'm a previous 2017 MX 75D owner that bought in Dec of 2016 and got delivery in March of 2017. I put 45k miles on the vehicle and traded for a 2020 Model Y. You have purchased an amazing vehicle that is a pleasure to drive and will save you lots of $$ over it's life time. You'll find that *most* folks here want to give you a helping hand to get you past these issues. There are some others that want to knit pick every small detail that might come up with ownership and might give you second thoughts on your purchase.

    First questions to gather overall picture: was your purchase from a private owner? Was the MX a CPO purchase? Or heaven forbid.. from a legacy ICE dealership? Did you get all the service documents of the vehicle from new up until your purchase?? Did you buy the vehicle in the same local that the original owner came from (keeping your vehicle serviced in the same service center from it's original owner). Whats your vin# and what software update are you running? How many miles on your vehicle and what is your lifetime watt-hours/mile?? CPO purchase from Tesla will give you some limited coverage of some of these issues. Buying under any other condition and you have taken on all responsibility of the short comings you outlined.

    Over my 45k miles of ownership I did not experience any issues related to your items 1,2,3 & 5. It is known that the items you listed have been issues to others, so if your service center is the same as the original owner and the SC has documents from the original owner that describe these same issues, you will have greater leverage to get them fixed as *recurring unresolved issues*.

    Item #4 is related to over-the-air software updates. I learned by experience that any OTA update would render some issues with the car. I ALWAYS did a *two scroll wheel reboot* upon getting any OTA update. I'd let the update function for a short drive, then do the reboot and most issue similat to item #4 would resolve themselves.

    I sold my Model X to a person in the next county, gave him all my service documents and he takes it to the same SC as I did. He had his vehicle in for regular maintenance 4k miles after I sold it to him, at 49.5 k miles. Since then, he has driven 30 k miles with 2 trips cross country from Bay area to Wisconsin, and only had a bad tire experience. He now has near 80 k miles on it with no mechanical issues yet. I took that same Model X on 2 cross country trips from Bay area to New York during my ownership.

    We talk quite a bit and I give him pointers on how to enhance his ownership. He is amazed that there is so little need for any *regular* maintenance, coming from a prolonged Lexus ownership experience with many trips to Lexus service centers.
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