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Air Suspension Compressor Disabled

Purchased in Dec. after only 2700 km (1700mi) June 2020 Model S LR air suspension has stopped working. Motor tries to pump but rear of vehicle doesn't raise the the error message appears. Saw several comments on this with vehicles with higher mileage than mine or older than mine. Bjorn Nyland has a nice video on this, this is exactly what happened but his car had 200,000km Power off/on doesn't fix it. Car is stuck in a garage floor -2 where it needs to be raised to come out without scraping. Any trick to raise it in order to get it out of garage and drive to the SC? Any one else with this issue after so few miles? I take it this is something that must be well known. Thanks!


  • 2013 85,000 85S

    Having the same problem.
    Made an appointment with my local SC.
    Interested in hearing about any others with the same problem.
  • I bought a CPO 2016 S75D with air suspension in August last year and fairly soon after taking delivery it threw up the air compressor disabled warning. Looking it up online, I found people suggesting to reset the car to see if the warning went away, and sure enough it did and the suspension was adjustable again. However, the warning would sporadically keep reappearing, always within a minute or so of pulling away after the car had been parked for some time. Resetting would always get rid of the warning and successfully reactivate the suspension. I put up with this for a while for various reasons, but then it increased in frequency, on one occasion I heard the car scrape over a speed bump in between the warning coming up and my being able to safely pull over to reset the car, and on another occasion it took two resets to get rid of the warning. Worrying.

    Following a remote diagnosis, the local SC decided that one of the rear air spring modules needed to be replaced (presumably due to a leak) so I had to wait for them to order in the part before I could take the car in for service. A couple of days later I received a phone call, which I had expected to be them saying that the car was ready for collection. However, it turned out that they believed that the compressor was at fault as well, so I then had to wait another two weeks for one to be ordered in (luckily they had given me a Model 3 LR+ loaner). In the end, it turned out that they replaced both of the rear air spring modules and the compressor, but it's fine now! I'm very glad that I purchased a car when it was still possible to get a 4 year/50,000 mile warranty in the UK - this one was just under 4 years old with just under 50,000 miles on the clock...
  • Thanks for your replies. Good to see the other cases. Definitely seems like this is a thing on vehicles that are more than a couple years old. Although haven't seen others like me where this happened in first 2k miles. Called Tesla roadside assistance who will tow if necessary with some special small rig to get me out of garage and appt next week with SC.
  • Got an email from Tesla.
    From the description of the problem and the pics I sent, they ordered the necessary parts in anticipation of my service appointment.
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