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What is the Cost of Solar Roof?

What is the estimated cost of Solar Roof per square foot.


  • it all depends on the size of the system.
  • A best way is from Tesla web site and put your information (address and monthly electric bill). If your address is not in Tesla site then you can re-adjust by putting your actual roof size (you can get your roof size from Based on the price I got from Tesla, the cost would be about $2 for Solar and about $7.65 for roof. For ex, if you want to have 10kW solar with 3000 sf root, the cost would be approximately $2x10,000 + $7.65x3,000 = $42,950.
  • $2/watt for solar
  • Another factor that may change the price is how the roof is configured. It costs more to deal with many valleys and ridges. Also, you are likely going to need new gutters when done. Add Powerwalls, and the price goes up too. Lastly, I suspect the price changes depending on your location. Areas with high labor costs should cost more than those with low labor costs. Anyway, best to get a quote from Tesla.

    I wrote up my own install, and have a time-lapse video of the install here:

    I include pricing, but I'm also in a very high-priced labor market (Bay area, CA). Some of the roofers were from 180 miles away and Tesla put them up in a hotel during the install.
    Thank you for sharing your experience! I can't wait to check it out!
    We're just starting the evaluation process and can't even find data on what the Tesla SolarRoof power production is for my part of the country, Northern VA. I expected the Tesla website to provide at least a USA latitude-based chart so I could determine expected power production per sq-ft.
    I'll take any advice you can offer.
    Thank you!

  • The reason they don't publish production info is that there are a myriad different variables for each installation. They charge a deposit fee to pay for that detailed analysis for *your* installation. They're usually quite accurate.
  • Thank you for the info./video. Very helpful. I am curious as to the size of your roof? I just got a quote (I'm in Nebraska) for a roof that is 2715 sq ft, 10 kWh, 2 Powerwalls (so almost the same as your system) but the quote was $91K, almost $20K more than your system. Labor in this area should be among the lowest in the country. Difficult for me to justify this premium, unless your roof is smaller (which does not appear to be the case from the video.) Thanks in advance for any info./insight you can share.
  • @jjs - I thought my roof was 3,000 sq. ft., but checked a bit more and it's all over the place. An estimate I made when my first roof was replaced 25 years ago has it as 3693 sq ft. Tesla docs show 3,589 sq. ft.; the city permit has 2,387 sq. ft. Now the Tesla docs might be the area of the tiles - they are overlapped, which would be more area than the roof size. Sorry, I don't have a number I can trust.

    My electrical was all up-to-date and the wire runs were relatively short, 8 feet between the inverters and the gateway. I did have quite a few skylights, but the roofline was fairly simple. If you have a lot of valleys and ridges, that may require a lot more labor. A multi-story house is more work than my single story.

    My permit, which Tesla paid for was only $216. We have one nearby city that charges 10% of the project cost for permits, which is a huge difference (and a total scam in my opinion).

    These are a few of the reasons I can think of for possible cost differences. I would have expected your's to be closer to my costs though. I did have one of the early v3 roofs, and perhaps they didn't have the costs estimated well (i.e. I got a deal?). They took twice as long as estimated to do the work. 5 of the 7 roofers were new to solar roofs (which they asked be if that was ok before starting, which I agreed was ok). They always had at least 2 Tesla guys that had done some prior installs, but I know there were less than 12 roofs done in the country before my roof. I was definitely an early adopter :)

    Before I signed, I watched a Tesla crew train on a test house at the Fremont factory, as there was no completed house in our area to view how it looked.
  • @TeslaTap Your information is greatly appreciated.
    Sadly, my single story house has a roof that is small and simpler that what I saw on your video. Would love to do a Tesla Solar Roof, but the cost simply can't be justified.

    I asked the company that gave the quote about why this quote was so much higher than a comparable installation in the CA and they said that in CA Tesla was cutting deals to get to scale. Perhaps that is true? Perhaps.

    Really sad that this is SO expensive. I can't make it work financially even taking into account 2 regular roof installations (assuming the Tesla roof would last much longer than conventional). tax incentive, and over 40 years of energy savings.

    I would be happy to pay a premium to help get this tech financed/going. Did so with my 2012 Model S. But that was when Tesla's future was MUCH more in doubt. Not as inclined to do so now.

    I will now get the roof replaced with traditional shingles and get a quote to do traditional solar.

    Thanks again for your information and answering my questions. Much appreciated.
  • Sorry, it didn't work out for you, but it is possible they were cutting a deal on early installs, but nothing was said to me about that. Still, you should be up with solar, no matter the means. Good luck on your project.
  • @jjs Did you get a quote from Tesla or one of their Certified Installers? I did both and the certified installers each quoted 50k more than the Tesla quote. I have my Tesla survey in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how much, if at all, the original Tesla quote goes up.
  • Ho Boy, this is going to be interesting. I signed up for an 8.5K solar roof about a week ago after deciding to switch from panels. So from what has been said here, the quote you get on the solar roof page is just about meaningless fo most people I take it.
  • > @rfalbo1_98435216 said:
    > Ho Boy, this is going to be interesting. I signed up for an 8.5K solar roof about a week ago after deciding to switch from panels. So from what has been said here, the quote you get on the solar roof page is just about meaningless fo most people I take it.

    not sure about others, but my quote was spot on.
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