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Any Solar Roofs in Lake Mary, Fl

Or central Fl... In need of a roof replacement and considering Solar Roof. I would like to get any local experiences with installation or operation of the system, as well as possibly being able to get a street view of the aesthetics. Thanks


  • I saw an internet ad about Tesla powerwalls and they said they did solar tiles in addition to solar roofs. However when I contacted them they said they don't install them south of Fort Pierce. I need terracotta barrell tiles not a flat black solar roof.
    Here is their site
  • There are parts of Florida that require the roof to withstand 170 mph winds. The solar roof is only rated for 165 mph winds. Check what your local building codes require.
  • Tesla 2018, AFAIK, there is no solar roof option besides the flat tiles.
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    > Tesla 2018, AFAIK, there is no solar roof option besides the flat tiles.

    That's what I thought. But the sales person said they had the tiles but they arent rated for South FL when I said I don't want a flat black solar roof.

    Haven't heard of tiles being installed except for a few houses in California. Maybe he thought I was talking about generic solar panels that go on a roof instead of a solar roof.
  • There are quite a few in central Florida. One large system was widely covered online. I actually drove past it to get a good street view:
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