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Model X Internal Charging circuitry

OK, so I have to say first (like so many others) that I love my Tesla, but when it comes to getting humans to help this company SUCKS. Here's my lovely story, so far.

My 2018 Model X suddenly started getting interrupted charging, sometimes after only 30 seconds. We have another home we visit and it's happened at both homes. Both homes have professionally installed NEMA 14-50 outlets on dedicated 50A circuits. Both homes are using the provided mobile connector. Here's the kicker: My wife's Model 3 charges just fine to completion. My quick analysis: something is broken in my Model X's charging circuit. I'll say it WILL charge, eventually, after many tries. Luckily, we are at the second home and need to drive back home, so it's a bit unsettling.

THEN, I try to set up a service appointment to get it checked, and all I get from the dumb app is ""Failed fetching service appointment list". Not sure why this is happening too, but my wife was able to make an appointment on her Model 3 app... so it's something about my account. I guess I'm unlucky.

Any advice? I don't want to hear about my home's poor power or a bad connection or sloppy installation of the power. I'm 99% sure its in the car.


  • Hard to say what is wrong. Have you tried the same MC on both cars to rule it out? If the MC works on the 3 at the same current, then I agree there is something likely wrong with the X's internal AC charger.
  • BTW, they should be able to remotely check to see if there’s something wrong with the charger. Since it’s fine on your 3, sounds like it’s an issue with the X. You can always put it on a flatbed to the service center if you don’t have range.
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