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JD Power Dependability Survey Places Tesla Among Worst-Ranked Car Brands In US

JD Power Dependability Survey Places Tesla Among Worst-Ranked Car Brands In US

J.D. Power uses consumer survey data to report the number of problems per 100 vehicles owners experienced during the previous 12 months, a metric it calls PP100. Tesla got a score of 176 PP100, which would place Tesla 31st out of 34 brands covered in the 2021 dependability report — if J.D. Power had formally ranked Tesla.

Ranked or not, Tesla's results put in it the same neighborhood as Chrysler, which came in at 166, and Jaguar, which had a score of 186.


  • Did you mention model 3?

    Perhaps this was meant for general?
  • Howard, you are just the second most prolific troll on the board. Your buddy fish has posted under multiple accounts and keeps coming back after repeated bans. Perhaps you should job shadow to better learn your craft.
  • JD Powers says one thing, but consumer Reports says the exact opposite. Go figure.
  • Tesla reliability issues drag down its scores in 2 major car-brand rankings

    Two major rankings of the best car brands came out on Thursday.

    In Consumer Reports' 2021 ranking, Tesla slid five spots to No. 16 due to reliability issues.

    JD Power's 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study put Tesla near the bottom of the pack.
  • And still nothing model 3 specific.
  • Thanks for sharing Howard. Now I want to trade in my SR+ for a used Yugo with a mashed in quarter panel. Anything is better than being seen in a car with a low JD Powers rating.
  • So, let's see: JD Powers, the firm that takes money to say, "This Car Is The Best In Class", where Class is an ever moving target fueled by advertising dollars.
    Say what you like or don't like about CU, but they take money from nobody except subscribers, period. And people can argue about their data collection questions - but they are fact based.
    Who ya gonna trust? Troll #2, howard, who is trying to do better? or CU?
  • JD Power is like 3 people in an office who sell botched reporting data to large corporations. Their biggest customers are ICE auto manufacturers. Of *course* they are attacking Tesla. They are essentially an extension of the major auto's marketing team.
  • Also.. does *any* living person actually know or care about JD Power and their "opinions"? I give test drives of my Model 3 to every single person I can... strangers even. I bet I've turned more people into Tesla fans than JD Power has turned against Tesla.
  • JD “Everybody gets a trophy” Powers*

    *make check payable to JD Powers.

    Of course the resident idiots will take whatever works.
  • We love you, Debbie Downer! Waah, waah!
  • Oh Howard.
  • Posted this on the S side, but if the shoe fits...
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Posted this on the S side, but if the shoe fits...

    “You were dead and you liked it!”

  • "Big Guns Howitzer' is back with his full-on river of optimism! The man who doesn't even own a Tesla constantly posting hate on a Tesla site. That's the definition of sad!
  • howard is just a cut and paste negative info troll now. No more long rants about lane position near highway exits. Guessing he doesn't make claims that Tesla logs can confirm....
  • @lbowroom that would suggest he is an actual owner, which I am still skeptical.
  • owner ship was required at one time to start a post. The cost of a car is nothing for the firms who run these campaigns and provide there employees a tax deductible ride. No need to pretend.
  • Howie changed modes just about the time when the first, real FSD beta hit users in late 2020. Guess FSD hit a nerve.
  • Two sources I don't pay attention to: JD Powers and Consumer Reports. It is so obvious they are both on the take.

    I upgraded from a LR, FSD 2018 model 3 to a AWD, LR, FSD 2019 model 3. My Model 3 is the best car I have ever own, never had to take in for anything. I have owed many cars and trucks in my life, 90% of them I bought brand new. My Jag was probably the worst although it look really good.
  • Howard could have a drunken homeless guy yelling about Tesla being the worst vehicle and he would start a thread on it

    He doesn’t even own a Tesla. I think he works for Ford
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