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Summon having trouble in reverse

I have a March 2019 build LR duel motor Model 3 with FSD and all the updates. Twice now I’ve had to hit the stop button while using summon because my car was about to hit another car ( about 6” of room). Has anyone else seen this behavior?


  • Next time it happens take a picture showing the position of the 2 cars. That would help in figuring out which sensor isn’t properly reporting distance. Also do you have you summon set to tight or normal?
  • Are you talking about regular summon or smart summon?
  • So I tried switching to normal from right in the summon settings. Now it won’t back out of my garage at all using normal summon. When I use smart summon, it says the path isn’t clear. When it’s set to tight it will back out , but with the above results. When it almost hit two cars, once was using summon, the other smart summon.
  • Sounds like something isn’t properly calibrated.
  • Get an appointment in the app if you cant sort it out. Its a couple of taps away and its done. Easy.
  • Whatever you do, don’t let the Summon feature cause a collision. Remember you are ultimately responsible even if you are not physically behind the wheel.
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