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Vinyl Color that Matches Pearl White

The title says it all but I am looking for the vinyl (wrap) that most closely resembles Tesla Pearl White.

One option I ran across is 3M 2080 Matte White Vinyl Wrap | M10. Another option I ran across is 3M 1080 SP240 Frozen Vanilla.

Your thoughts?


  • Go to a local detailing shop and see if they have samples of wrap colors and see if you find one that matches.
  • Yeah, ask the people that do the wraps.
  • I've been using Frozen Vanilla. At some angles, the vinyl will look darker but it's close enough.

    Here are some old photos I took a while back.
  • Forgot to mention that I wrap the door handles with 3M Frozen Vanilla.
  • Big thank you to those that responded to my thread!
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