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Tesmanian products - reviews are censored

I ordered a set of floor mats and a rear spoiler for my new Model Y. The floor mats are great. The spoiler is wavy and doesn’t look good. Here’s what’s funny thing. I posted a 5-star review for the floor mats, but only 2-stars for the spoiler. Guess what happened? They won’t show it. So I looked the product pages and they have all 5-star reviews. Imagine that. Pretty funny.

So now I won’t trust buying from them because the reviews aren’t unbiased. I bet there are others who got the spoiler and weren’t happy with the wavy mold and posted poor reviews. If they would allow honest reviews, it helps customers make better choices.

Anyway, the floor mats are very nice. But my spoiler is wavy and looks pretty cheap.


  • I also had terrible issues with their floor mats and posted a review on here warning others about the quality. In less than a few months the floormats wore out and water started seeing through. I then ordered official tesla floormats and am very happy.
  • The Tesla mats are OK at best IMHO. Fitment is poor. Look here.
  • I would avoid also avoid purchasing from TeslaShields. I ordered floor mats for a new model 3 from them and returned the unopened package. They provided a refund but deducted over 30% as a "restocking fee". You will not see any reference to a restocking fee in their return policy, so be careful. They were returned because I was told by UPS the package was lost. I needed mats before taking delivery of my new Tesla, so I ordered different mats for another company. The package showed no new tracking data for over a week, but did end up arriving 8 days after the scheduled delivery date.
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