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Disappointed in Tesla's Delivery of Preowned Model S

Just took delivery of a New to me 2017 Tesla Model S 90d Midnight Silver, 19", Ultra high fidelity sound (UHFS), Cold weather package, Smart Air suspension, Glass Roof. I spent weeks looking for the right car to replace my 2016 Tesla 90D, lost after an accident. After I had narrowed down my search to 3 cars, 2 in CA and one local, I chose the local to save a few dollars and the $1,000 in shipping. I went to the center to pick up my car and to be honest, I was a little disappointed this time around with this purchase. I thought (my own mistake I didn't dig deep enough into ultra-high fidelity sound) SiriusXM was included in UHFS but I found out at delivery SiriusXM was not included in all UHFS until 2018, before that (hence the deeper dive) it required the sun roof. The interior of the car looked like a blind person vacuumed it, and I found many french fries under the front seats. there was debris under the center console. When I picked up the car and it only had 146 miles of range and I live 61 miles from the service center, and I felt the car should have had a full charge so I could see the battery health and rage from the get go. 90D's are known for some range issues and not knowing till I got home and could put a full charge on, what kind of battery I got was a bit of a letdown. Outside of the car it is in good shape but the windshield whippers already need replacing. I wonder who was in charge of the per delivery check list. We, as the buyers of these cars, have been complacent in our acceptance of this behavior from Tesla. Would you receive this from anyone selling a $50,000+ car? I really doubt it, this is the most expensive car I have ever bought, this and my 2016 are both about the same in price, took me years to get to this point in my life. I really don't think in 2 years I will be in the Tesla family if this is how they treat their customers.


  • No panel gaps?

    No paint issues?

    Seats not dirty or ripped?

    No body damage?

    Car works?

    If you had thought to toggle from range to percent, you would have had a rough measure of battery capacity in terms of RM.

    Let's say it was 55%., I'd say you did pretty well.
  • Agree with you OTARON, the car should have been clean and fully charged. This is really basic stuff.
  • @Mark2018S ...I agree, but by early 2019, it was well known in the webs that the CPO program was gone and that Tesla was not really detailing the cars or fixing minor blemishes.

    Had the OP done research on this, he would have been expecting it and had the SvC fix it if needed.
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