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Two stacks of Powerwalls in 74" of wall space?

The title pretty much says it all - will two stacks of Powerwalls fit in 74" of wall space? I know the Powerwalls themselves will take up almost 60", but does anyone know if there are minimum spacing requirements between or on the sides of the stacks?


  • I would also like an answer to this. There are many images online with the powerwalls mounted within inches of each other.
  • Mine are spaced 17" apart. They can't be installed next to each other, as you couldn't get into one for wiring. Connections are made on the left side of each unit. In addition, the sides are where cooling enters and exits.

    I took a quick look at the manual, but couldn't find the spacing requirements. As a guess, 8" minimum spacing for each horizontal side (i.e. 16" between two and 8" free space on the outside sides. If you had room, and the wall was strong enough, I think you could install them vertically without any spacing.
  • Thanks for checking the spacing on yours. If they do require that much clearance, I'll have to rethink the mounting - I don't have 92" of wall space unless I move a shelving unit that really doesn't have anywhere else to go.

    There will be four PWs total, and I know that stacked PWs have to go on the floor, but I guess it's possible that they could put a stack of three on the floor (can't stack more than three together), and put the fourth one on the wall by itself above the stack.
  • I asked my installers to mount mine as close together as possible. They are 15.5" apart. This makes sense, as vertical wall studs are typically on 16" centers, but do vary a bit.
  • Page 41 of the installation manual has the spacing specs.

    Lots of other good info in that doc for the curious.
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