Model S

Tesla business model is fantastic

Usually forum is the place to share concern or complaints.
Here I would like to share my enthusiasm with Tesla business model

I recently purchased a used Model S 85 dated from Sep 2014

Two times I went to Tesla services to get my car retrofitted
1 - CCS Combo 2 to benefit from most recent supercharger stations
2 - MCU retrofit to benefit from last embedded computer features

To be honest, I don't have the feeling to drive a 7 years old car.

Of course that costs some money but compared to the price of renewing the entire car this definitely worths it.

I don't know any similar offer in the market. By comparison, since 2014, I'm not counting how many times I had to replace phone or tablet because of incompatibility of my preferred apps with the most recent OS or because of loss of performance.

Thank you Tesla and congrats to all Tesla workers who are reading this post


  • Glad your experience has been positive! Welcome to the Tesla family

    You will never go back
  • Nice. Of late, something we don't hear very often. Thanks for reminding us there's still some good things out there.
  • The worst Tesla still beats the best of the other EV's because of the business model "Moat" of the SuC network.

    I don't see that changing for years...
  • Sure, this is the place to gripe about an issue...I cant speak for everyone, but id bet everyone here loves their Tesla car...and would never buy an ICE car ever again. Sometimes a little tough love is necessary.
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