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Just had a great experience with Tesla seervice

I had scheduled a service for 3/3 at my local service center to replace the 2 cabin filters and test the brake fluid. $85 including tax for both services. Got a call today and they offered mobile service for tomorrow 2/24 at no additional cost. That is very convenient.

I have had issues with rattling sounds in my car, so I do not want to take apart the area below the dash to replace the filters myself. This way if the rattling sounds come back, it is not my fault.

Also, I don't mind paying $15 for Tesla to check the brake fluid.

Took delivery of my M3 on 8/3/2018 and it has 17k miles on it. Time to replace the filters and check the brake fluid.


  • Cool! Mobile techs are awesome. They did my AC servicing. Happy to let them. 😅

    ...and who flagged your post?! That’s nuts. This is a positive thread!
  • I have had my M3 LR RWD since 12/13/2018 although I have almost 69K miles on the champ. I took the vehicle in for the brake check for $19, but passed on the Cabin Filter replacement. I had replaced my Cabin filters around June of 2020 with the HEPA filters so I probably won't have to change them again for around another year since the HEPA based filters should last 2 years over the year you get with the normal cabin air filters.
  • Hrm... Had I know brake check + filter change cost $85, and can be done as mobile server, I would've use it instead of changing the filter myself; the filters alone already cost $37, and took me a while to figure out how to do it... Good info.
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