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Have any SR RWD Model Y owners had success with getting the 1 year premium connectivity trial back?

Had a long discussion with a nice Tesla customer service employee this morning over the phone. We went through the MVPA and Order Configuration Agreement (both of which refer you to the support pages on the Tesla website in relation to premium connectivity). On the support pages, it mentions all vehicles that Tesla sells and their corresponding trial periods except for the SR RWD Model Y. He assumed that was an oversight on Tesla's part.

He also stated that the email I received on the date of delivery (1/15/2021) informing me that I had a one year trial period was a mistake. But he did concede that there is confusion (both now and at the time I ordered, paid for, and accepted delivery) as to what exact trial period I would receive.

He said he would forward it to the proper department and that someone should reach out to me (he did not know when).

We will wait and see...


  • Same here. my sales advisor said she will forward the emails I received saying 1-year, then 30-days to some Operations department. That was yesterday. Still waiting for a response.
  • I don't understand why Tesla didn't just let us keep our one year trial. Why alert brand new owners that they sent an email by mistake? Then fix that mistake by removing 10-11 months of a free trial. In my opinion, if a company makes a mistake in communication, they should not fix that mistake to the detriment of the customer (within reason). Obviously if they had sent me an email stating I got unlimited supercharging for life I would not hold them to it (but I would still question their communication skills).
  • It wasn't just the fact that they sent an email saying 1-year premium connectivity activated but it was also reflected in our Tesla accounts upon delivery that we had 1-year of complimentary premium connectivity. So not only did they send an email to a bunch of people telling them they now only have 30 days, but also had to update all of those accounts as well.
  • If you have that in writing, seems to me you have a slam dunk small claims court case.
  • There is no chance in hell I am going to pay a $30 small claims fee for a potential $80 recovery. More about the principal...

    Tesla has been good in the past with my Model 3 about being lenient.

    Example: Completely my fault, but I thought I could add in my referral code when my wife and I ordered her recent Model Y. Apparently, and it is on the Tesla website, you have to click on the referral code link to start the ordering process. I called Tesla the next day after we ordered, and Tesla added my referral to the order after the fact. That was nice of them and they definitely did not have to do that.
  • Premium Interior Includes:

    12-way power adjustable front and rear heated seats
    Premium audio – 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound
    Premium Connectivity (1 year included):

    Satellite maps with live traffic visualization
    In-car internet streaming music and media
    Video streaming
    Internet browser

    The Model Y SR has Premium Interior...nuff said
  • No luck for me yet, still trying.
  • @huckaround... good point
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