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Front passenger window will not close

I took delivery of MYLR Monday night. Only two full days into ownership, and the front passenger window has stopped working. It won't roll back up. It makes a sound while trying to roll up like a motor with a near-dead battery. It sounds like it's losing juice and just doesn't have the energy to roll all the way up.

Google searching, I found a window recalibration procedure, but that has not helped after numerous attempts. The only way for me to get the window closed is to stand next to the open passenger door, press the window button up, grab the window with my free hand, and help pull it up. Even that is difficult to accomplish, and nearly didn't work the last try. I thought it was going to be stuck in the open position for good.

I have finally forced it closed and will not mess with it anymore. Already scheduled a mobile service call for this coming Saturday morning.


  • The Mobile Service Tech (George) came out to my house Saturday morning as scheduled. When I greeted him in the driveway, he explained that he came out with a window regulator part and planned to just swap that out. He said it was the most common part to cause the issue I had explained in the service appointment. He told me it should be a relatively quick repair, and would have my MYLR ready to drive in no time.

    Unfortunately, this was not the case. He spent 3+ hours dismantling the front passenger door and troubleshooting the issue. He said that the window regulator appeared to be in good working order. So, he did not replace that. However, he said it sounded like the actual power window motor was binding up. He called back to his home SC, but they did not have that part in stock. He found it at another local SC, and they Uber'ed the part out to him. He replaced it the power window motor, but the window continued to display the same problem. He said that, unfortunately, he was at a loss for trying to fix the issue on a mobile appointment and would schedule an appointment at my nearest SC for me.

    So, now I have an appointment for this coming Tuesday at my SC. I will drop off the vehicle Monday night and let them have it all day Tuesday to do whatever they need to do. The funny thing is that the Tesla SC sent me a message in my appointment on the app telling me they had already ordered a part for the service appointment. They ordered part #1526796-00-B "Window Regulator Motor P Motor", which I thought was the part the mobile service tech had originally brought with him for my Saturday morning appointment, and then said he thought it was fine.
  • In rare instances, a new part could be defective, so great to have another handy if they conclude another motor is needed. I'm sure they will figure it out.

    Years ago, I had the AC compressor freeze up and catch fire on an Audi. They had to replace it 3 times, as two of the new compressors in stock were defective! Luckily they did all this in one long service visit.
  • Dropped my MYLR off at the SC last night. Just got the text that service is complete and vehicle is ready for pickup. In the text, the SA says they found a small bolt on the back side of the reflector on the door panel that was *just* touching the sensor causing the fault. They rectified the issue, cleaned and lubed the window regulator, and recalibrated the window. It now operates as designed. Can't wait to get my new baby back tonight!
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