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Tesla model x suspension repeatedly lowering and raising uncontrollably

New ‘21 mx delivered in dec. recently after software update on feb 22 car has been repeatledly raising and lowering with no way to Control it. I know it’s not a leak because you can audibly hear the car ejecting air as if you were lowering it manually. Even does this while driving, but mostly in park outside. There’s no way to shut it off, I’ve tried hard resetting by holding both scroll wheels no luck with that. Tried power cycling we’ll see if it works tomorrow when I drive it. Any ideas?


  • Is it possible that the car was programmed to change height at that location?
  • @jimglas_98269389 no, because the car was in a parking spot doing it, have driven on a road 100 times with no change and it just started doing it recently, location is out of the picture to me.
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