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Any updates to New Construction Roofs?

Does anyone know any new developments of this? Everything I’ve seen has been pre Nov 2020.

I am purchasing a new construction through a builder (not custom, just choosing a build plan). The home hasn’t been started yet but is slated to be completed in July.
I’d like to get the solar roof if possible. Does anyone know how this typically works? Can I work with the builder to not do conventional roofing and let them know I want to do Tesla Solar Roof and then work with Tesla and the builder to schedule when they could do the install?

has anyone done anything like this? The process seems very confusing and different from individual to individual but it looks like so far those who’ve done new construction with Solar Roof has been custom builds.

I don’t suppose the builder would take out the charges for the roofing but maybe they would contract with Tesla? & I wonder how this would work from a loan perspective I’m not sure that my lender would be able to work in that pricing given it’s not exact until Tesla is able to quote an actual cost.


  • There are a *lot* of critical path tasks in getting a house built. I wouldn't be surprised to see a builder from a multi-unit development refuse to involve a third party (Tesla) in their build plan. Builders want to finish on time, and get paid. Tesla could greatly complicate (and delay!) this process.
  • I haven’t been monitoring this subforum, but since things are shutting down I took a quick look.

    My experience: we’re building a new home in south FL, on a lot that we purchased. I wanted to have Tesla install a Solar Roof, but my builder was unwilling to deal with it. The builder gets final payment when a certificate of occupancy is issued, but that can’t happen until a permanent roof is installed. Aside from that, Tesla wasn’t really ready to handle new construction installations in this area, but that’s another matter. We’re going with solar panels instead, with Powerwalls, but using a third party installer.
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