Model X

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Screen blacked out while driving

what would you do?


  • Wait for the reboot to finish. If it does not reboot by itself, try pressing the two scroll wheels for 30 seconds to force a reboot. If this doesn't fix it, you'll need to have the car repaired.

    While disconcerting, it does not affect your primary ability to drive. You can pull over if you want, or continue to drive. Obviously, you will not get your speedometer, so you need to be careful.
  • BIG SAFTY ISSUE and restarting with pressing scroll wheels wiped out the car configuration and preferences to factory default. Absolutely unacceptable level of handling issues customer has, heavy handed behavior from the customer reps in support. Saving grace is the representatives at service center are customer friendly but the support from Tesla is worse than a non-luxury brand cars. TESLA needs to WAKE UP and RESTORE the confidence of their customers who are paying 6 figure price for the vehicles.
  • I had almost similar problem with my Model X (2017), but it only blacked out my big touch screen. First it happened only randomly and the screen recovered by itself after a few seconds. I reported it to Tesla and got a date for repair. Later these blackouts started to happen more frequently.

    Finally the repair date came. In Tesla service they installed a new rear camera, and that solved the problem.
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