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2016 Model X camera onside upgrade

Hi everyone,
I currently have a model X 2016 but doesn’t have camera on both side of driver and passenger. Is there any chance for me to install those as the new one? Thanks for your input!


  • I'm aware of one person who upgraded an AP1 to an AP2 system. It's a major task and will cost thousands and I expect to take at least 100+ hours of work. He had a totaled donor car which reduced the costs other than buying the totaled car. It also requires some software expertise that only a few owners possess. Once done, the vehicle will no longer be able to get software updates, as the rooting of the car prevents future updates.

    You would be far better off selling your X and buying a slightly newer one, made in October 2016 or later that has the AP2 processor, the 8 cameras, and 12 long-range sonar sensors.
  • That AP1 to AP2 was with a Model S, but an X should be about the same amount of work and cost.
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