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How does Autopiot determine which lane to take at a Y in the road?

At several points on the Garden State Parkway in NJ, the road splits into Local and Express lanes. I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes the left lane and other times the right. I’d prefer to stay left to take the Express lane. Am I better off always recognizing this situation ahead of time and manually turn off Autopilot to make the choice manually?


  • Mine tries to split the difference and stay right in the middle of the two widening lanes!
  • When in doubt turn it off. FSD will handle it.
  • > @Teslaguy said:
    > When in doubt turn it off. FSD will handle it.

    When you say FSD will handle it, how will it decide which lane to take?
  • This is a guess, but the randomness may be that its following the car in front as it stays between the lines. Autopilot tires to always center. When approaching an off ramp it moves to the right to center until it sees the right hand line to continue and not exit, then it centers on that line.
  • I’m pretty sure they programmed it so that if it comes to a fork in the road it’ll take it.
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