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Tesla app improvements?

I have now had my MY for a little over a month and absolutely love it. However, one thing that strikes me with such a great piece of technology, is how much better the app going with it could be.

I am not sure what the app looks like for other models (I suspect it’s very similar, but don’t want to assume), so I’m keeping this in this section. I’m new here, so apologies if this was brought up several times before. Below are some improvements I’ve been thinking of while using the app. Some of them would be harder to implement than others, but I was wondering if there is a way to suggest them?

- Tesla insurance: I know this is only for CA residents, but it would be great if the app would let you display the insurance card
- Trip planner: would be great to be able to plan trips from home and export them to the car
- Activate and watch cameras from the app
- Energy app: something similar to the energy app on the main screen of the car
- Smart Watch extension: it’s great not having a key, but I’ve found myself going down to grab something from the car without my phone thinking “would be great if my app could be used as a key too”

Just a few thoughts. I know there are a ton of third party apps that can do some of these, but it would be great if Tesla incorporated some of these features into their native app...


  • If the car is in a garage at home then just use the do not lock at this location. I recently purchased a Tesla smart ring so now my phone, my watch, my tesla card in my wallet or my ring opens and drives the car. Watch for Tesla and Stats pretty much covers it all. I use an app for all my other cards/items from passport to insurance cards to points cards, drivers licence, heck even my Ikea Family card is in there. Not too sure one can flash drivers licence and insurance on a phone as opposed to the real physical thing but at least one can try if it is not in ones possession.
  • I agree with many of your suggestions. The app has evolved over the years and will continue to.
  • > @Mortskiv said:
    >I recently purchased a Tesla smart ring so now my phone, my watch, my tesla card in my wallet or my ring opens and drives the car.

    Wait. What?! Tell me more about this Tesla Ring. Is this an official Tesla product or a third-party offering? I've had my MYLR for almost a week now. One of the things I've been yearning for the most is an official Tesla Apple Watch app that would allow my Watch to be used as a phone key, just like my iPhone. I ***ALWAYS*** have my Apple Watch on wherever I go. So, I would always have a phone key on me if the Watch could be used as such. I almost always have my iPhone on me, too, but there are infrequent times where I may leave it at home, in another vehicle, or in my bag (which I may or may not decide to bring with me on every drive). If this Tesla Ring is something that would allow me to start and drive my MYLR even if I forget my iPhone and keycards, that would be awesome!
  • Thanks everyone for your answers. Tesla is often compared to Apple, and Apple often “steals” (the ethical aspect of it is not something I’m equipped to discuss) features from third party apps to integrate built-in to their machines (level, compass, measure, QR reader, photo editors and the list goes on and on).
    As I mentioned. I know that there are a lot of third party apps that do some of these things, but it would be great if the Tesla app would become a little bit more of a one stop shop.
    PS: I don’t wear rings, so that would be very inconvenient to purchase a $100 item to wear, when I wear my Apple Watch from the time I wake up until I go to bed, and it has the capabilities to do it just fine if developed.
  • There are several that offer this, basically they take a RFID from an actual Tesla card and bury it in the ring. I got mine from Amazon, black ceramic. Just google "Tesla Smart Ring"
  • “ - Trip planner: would be great to be able to plan trips from home and export them to the car”

    Top of my list.
  • As for displaying your insurance card on your phone, things must be different in CA. In my experience here on the east coast, the police ask for license, registration and insurance card. They typically take those documents back to their car to write up your ticket. Are you going to just hand your phone to them?
  • 49 out of the 50 states (and DC) actually allow for an electronic insurance card. New Mexico is the only states not explicitly allowing for an electronic card. Before owning a Tesla, I had my Progressive card in my Apple Wallet and it was never an issue. Depending on the nature of the traffic stop, yes, they might have to take your phone to their vehicle. It might be inconvenient for a couple of minutes, but I find it a lot more practical than having to dig through your glovebox.
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