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Solar offset

Does anyone understand what the solar offset display in the Tesla app is or how it is calculated? It is always a much higher percentage than the percentage of self-powered operation. I can’t find an explanation on the Tesla webpage.


  • It’s the percentage of solar generated that is more, or less than, what the house consumed.

    So if you generated 20kwh solar but used 30kwh from any source, solar, grid, or battery it would show the home graph larger and list 50%. (ie - you used 50% more than you generated)

    If you generated 30kwh solar but only used 15kwh, the solar graph larger and list 200%. (ie - you generated twice what you used)
  • Offset is production divided by consumption, times 100%. For your example, 20kWh produced, and 30kWh consumed would yield an offset of 67%.

    I just checked mine for yesterday...

    Production: 27.3kWh
    Consumption: 33kWh

    (27.3/33) x 100% = 83%

    The app reports that my offset for yesterday was indeed 83%.

    The whole "Self-powered" thing still has me a bit flummoxed, though. I haven't spent much time figuring that one out, because I quite frankly don't care.
  • thx jhn & greg. i had exactly the same questions as keith and now i know!
  • Thanks John and Greg. I get it. I also figured out self powered. We used 32.7 kw today. 21.3 kw came from the grid, which is 65%. The rest came from a combination of the power wall and solar, making us 35% self -powered. Of that, 5.4 kw came from the power wall (17%) and 6 kw from solar. But total solar production was 34.3. (Solar offset 105%). The difference (34.3 - 6= 28.3) went back to the grid. Now that I get it, the solar offset is the number that I am most interested in because it compares solar generation to total usage.
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