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Charge when left idle


My new model Y is awaiting transport to Cayman in Miami port under care of seaboard shipping. Unfortunately Tesla delivery team only charged to 60 % at time of delivery ( I had requested at least 80 and they didn’t do it ). Right now there is 100 miles of charge on the app. It has been there for 2 weeks and we need to wait another 2 weeks for title followed by customs and eventual 7 day trip to Cayman ( via Jamaica). Any suggestions on what I should do. I’m not on site and everything is managed by shipping co.


  • First thing to do is stop checking the app constantly. I know it’s tempting, but it pings your car and takes it out of sleep every time you do it. I am not sure exactly how much battery it actually drains, but it has to be at least a couple extra percents a week, even more if you check it several times a day. Next thing is wait and see, unfortunately, there is not much in your control. Do they have a service center in the Cayman, in case the battery is completely drained?
  • We have EV experienced techs - not through Tesla though. I will stop checking the app. No options but to hope for the best. Thanks
  • Yes, stop opening the app, this probably drains 1-2% every time.
    Make sure sentry mode is turned off also.
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