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Model X Second-Row Seat

One of my Tesla bugaboos is that neither the Model S nor Model X had a fold-down center armrest in the second row. The only way for passengers in these expensive "luxury" vehicles to have a place to rest their inboard arms was to buy a strap-on piece from somewhere such as Evannex or to throw a pillow into the back seat.

My 2015 Model S P90D comes out of extended warranty in June, and I was looking to trade the car for another EV before then. The Lucid Air Dream Edition I have on reservation has now been pushed out beyond that date, as has the Rivian R1S for which I also have a launch reservation. So I decided to drop plans to buy the Rivian and order an updated Model X Plaid instead.

I went to the ordering page to place my order and scrolled through the photos only to find that the Model X STILL does not have a center armrest for the second row (although the updated Model S does). I also could find no sign of rear cupholders, door pockets (locking lids would have worked even on falcon wing doors), or storage pockets behind the front seats.

WTF? Was Tesla in such a hurry to roll out these updates ahead of Lucid and Rivian launches that they didn't have time to finish the job?

Why would anyone pay well over $100K for an SUV without such a basic comfort item as an armrest for rear passengers? Or without any place for second-row passengers to park a beverage, a cell phone, reading or sunglasses . . . ?

The lack of understanding of what people really need in a passenger hauler -- or the utter contempt for those needs in the pursuit of form over function -- is mind-boggling.


  • Depends on the person. I'm not excited about people spilling drinks all over the car. I have zero need for a center rear armrest - as rarely anyone is back there. So why should I pay for something I'll never use? Not contempt at all, but optimized for some people - others not so much. P.S. there have been cup holders for the rear seat for 4+ years now as well as rear charge ports. The new S offers an armrest, but costs $10K more. An expensive armrest, but the S is still a lot cheaper than a slower $170K Lucid that you can't buy yet and keeps getting pushed out.

    Every vehicle has tradeoffs. You could get a Plaid S, and have a vehicle that has better performance than a $3M Bugatti Chiron. And the Bugatti only has room for 2 people and no rear armrest!
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