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Suggestion: Update Mirror folding at this location

I would like my mirrors to auto fold when I am parked in my garage. I use the do not lock at home, and I have tried the "Fold at this location" option for my mirrors, however due to a long driveway my mirrors will fold while I am still in reverse before I even reach my garage. It would be nice to have this updated so the mirrors do not fold until the vehicle is in park. I would suggest either adding the option: auto fold mirrors in park, or updating the existing auto fold at this location to not fold while in reverse.


  • I second this suggestion.
  • I have set mirrors to fold at home because I want the extra clearance for garage door opening (and also I use a "garage" driver profile that activates creep mode and doesn't lock the car). I agree it's a pain that they don't unfold until I'm on the road but I don't see this proposal working if the mirrors need to be folded while driving in and out of the garage.
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