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Any timeline when to expect FSD beta on my Y?

Car purchased September 2020. Current software version 2021.4.11.

Seems like waiting for LONG time to get the FSD Beta push.

Thank You


  • Hi. Not sure what you mean. FSD Beta is not installed on all cars yet. Rather, you only get (I think) enhanced Autopilot for now.
  • Thanks @kashian. I do have enhanced Autopilot, but is looking at the timeline when can expect the beta version of FSD to be available to my car. Last November, Musk mentioned that he was looking to expand the Beta significantly, but neither me nor my other friends who paid for FSD have received the Beta yet.
  • Plan for a long wait. They are Not going to just release a full on version to count law suits daily with people not understanding it’s not fool proof. I am fine to wait personally
  • FSD beta is not for everybody that opts/pays for FSD. There are few selected drivers who are being given this to help Tesla collect realtime data and improve the NN. We all might see it sometime towards the end of this year.
  • Are my comments on this thread getting auto-deleted somehow? I've already commented twice, but now both comments are gone. I didn't even post anything offensive or against community standards. Why are my comments being removed?
  • My comments have also been removed. I wonder why?
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