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My first Service on 2020 Model X

The most disappointing service/repair I have ever experienced with any vehicle. I come from Toyota, Ford, Lexus and BMW so my expectations were set over the past 8 years of ownership with these brands.

Let me summarize my first service at Tesla since they were not able to correct these issues in during the mobile repair (or, you know, during Quality Control at the factory or PDI at the delivery center).

1) I arrive to drop off my Model X and I am provided with a dirty, not charged model 3 loaner vehicle. Disappointing, but whatever - Tesla claims that they "wipe high touch surfaces" during Covid so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, I work in the medical field I had to get the car cleaned immediately.

2) After three weeks of minimal updates I finally get my vehicle back. It came off the truck with paint imperfections, so Tesla had CarStar re-paint it locally. Unfortunately, because they chose this partner the paint quality is similar to how you would paint a Taxi. There are numerous issues here (including the overspray around the door handle). Keep in mind this is literally a brand new car. Just from the paint issue alone, this is an unbelievably disappointing service - but wait, it gets even worse!

The body shop damaged the the door panel (inside), they also curbed the front wheel, repainted the door with a visible orange peel, plus it was not blended to the front door. The even broke/replaced a quarter panel glass (and now the gulwing door hits the glass trim), dented the c pillar on one side and there are now 3 dents on the wheel well on the other side. This is even after the car had to go back to the shop to correct overspray issue and some other misc dents they managed to make.
Having experience with what I consider standard Automobiles in the past, my assessment of Tesla is that initial quality of paint is subpar - however the paint shop Tesla deems as “Certified” is even worse. At this point the door needs to be properly sanded and polished to get back to an even surface to fix the paint.
The service advisor is hoping to send my Model X to a Tesla owned body shop this time to correct the issue. They have offered to send a PDR company out to my house for the dent, and replace the curbed wheel. This is all well and good, but why would they contract with a shop that would make the car worse than before the first time around? Its an egregious waste of their money and my time and is very frustrating to say the least.

Moving on past my half repainted “new” car (which is now a multi-toned color), here's a recap of the other issues:
Broken trim, damaged seals, loose carpet (flooring, not floor mats), squeaking seat base, loose driver Mirror glass (noticeable at driving speed), malfunction in the air ride suspension, summon feature not working, climate control reading improper temperature (I was told this is a "Known Issue" that is acceptable), and the nice welcoming error message that reads “Second Row Seats Unlatched”. This is especially nice since I have a car seat installed.

3) I picked up my car almost a month after I first dropped it off, having been told that “everything was good and the car is ready”. Unfortunately it was not…

After spending 45 minutes going over the outstanding issues, I left frustrated and without much recourse from Tesla. Here are the issues that are still not fixed at this point:
1) The Summon feature is inoperative (needs further diagnostic)
2) I am being told that the unlatched seat message is a byproduct of a firmware issue. I am "out of luck" on this, and am being advised to "drive with the error message". How is this even a solution?
3) The Paint is officially worse than when I dropped it off and now my door hits the newly installed rear glass. Yet another new issue with this car.
4) Since the wheel was damaged in their possession, Tesla has offered me a replacement but the lack of care that is shown here blows me away.
5) We are waiting on a new door panel (which is of course back ordered 2-weeks)
6) We are waiting on Mobile dent repair
7) The Driver mirror glass is still loose (repair order claims it was replaced)

The silver lining here however is: my seat squeak is gone and the broken trim/carpet items were addressed over the last month. Luckily for me...

In conclusion: it is evident that selling cars is more important to Tesla than customer satisfaction. I really hope this was just my experience as it is truly disappointing considering this was a dream car of mine that I have been saving up for!


  • Which service center did this to you please? Just curious, as I have heard there over the top excellent SC's and some that are down right embarrassing.
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