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Any optional upgrade features for Cybertruck

Are there any interior, exterior, long range battery options for these trucks?
I'd like the dual motor version with long range battery, upgraded interior, wheels, etc., instead of just having a base model of the tri motor.


  • Based on other Tesla models, I expect options will be a choice of two or three interior colors and perhaps several tire choices. There was talk of a black exterior version, but I suspect the first versions will only be available in stainless steel (i.e. no paint). Perhaps the automatic rear cover and ramp-tailgate could be options, but it sounds like they may be standard.

    Tesla so far puts far more things standard than other makers, to make it easier to manufacture. It also lowers the cost to consumers. For example, between the Model S and the Taycan, to configure a similar set of options, you have to pay about $29K more over the base price in the Taycan.
  • Do you think the dual motor version might have a 500 ml. range battery upgrade?
  • Sorry, very unlikely based on prior history of vehicle variants.
  • OP, if there were options, you would have seen it on the order page.
  • Unlikely dual motor would have 500mi range. But im one of those people that want the range more than i want the acceleration.
  • @andy, I agree, but the large battery makes the higher acceleration possible. Higher acceleration almost comes for free when you have more electrical power available with a larger pack, although the tri-motor does take it to a new level!
  • ya, and i do understand that the third motor would probably be a 5 or 6 thousand dollar add-on. So all-in-all, its ok. Im not exactly sure right now how im going to be able to be paying for a $77,000 truck next year.
  • @andy - Maybe if TSLA goes to $1000 :)
  • maybe. would like it to be much higher before i sell tho
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