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My roof still leaks. Can I have repairs done and charge Tesla?

My solar panels were installed in November 2020. When the rains came in late December / early January I had water running through the light fixtures on my kitchen ceiling, and the hall ceiling. Tesla came out to do an emergency roof repair on 4th January 2021. Turns out that the installers had drilled many exploratory holes in the roof, but had neglected to fill some of them. The guy did a temporary repair in the rain, but said they would have to come back on a dry day to do the permanent repair.

They came back to do the permanent repair on 22nd January, but it was pouring rain, so they took pictures and left. I have been unable to get anybody from Tesla to say anything about when this will be fixed. I still have leaks (I suspect the initial emergency repair didn't catch all of the leaks.)

Tesla is totally unresponsive and uncommunicative, and I have no idea when this will be fixed.

I would like to have the roof, ceiling, and paint repair don by local companies, and charge Tesla. Has anyone here done that? What is the procedure? Is there an escalation procedure to get someone at Tesla to pay attention?

My roof has now been leaking for two months, and no end in sight.


  • You can certainly have the repairs done yourself. It might be the best thing to do to limit further damage.

    Good luck getting re-reimbursed by Tesla, though. Small-claims court might be a route to go for a remedy, but they are limited in dollar amounts.
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